HP to drive home PC recognition

HP to drive home PC recognition

While the corporate frontier is rapidly being conquered, the PC market for the home is still struggling to earn a decent reputation amongst the big players. Generally seen as not lucrative enough to warrant a comprehensive campaign, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one company who is attempting to turn the tide.

In Australia recently, Webb McKinney -- the general manager of HP's Home Products division -- admitted there is still a long way to go before PCs are established as an essential home product.

Indeed, US research showed that the humble hair dryer and the essential remote control both create more demand than the PC. McKinney was however, confident that with the advent of digitisation in the home, the evolution of the PC's functionality will quickly progress to a point where a home will have multiple PCs, each with specific purposes.

McKinney pinpointed these purposes as: productivity (work at home), education, communication (email, fax, internet), and entertainment (games and imaging). The cornering of this market is one of HP's key targets.

"If in a three-PC home, one of them is always used for children's education, we can start focusing on how we can build the world's best PC that's designed for education," he said.

HP is optimistic that the Australian market, which Computer Industry Almanac research ranks as the second highest PC- penetrated country in the world, will quickly take to a home PC push.

McKinney claimed that HP is perfectly positioned within the marketplace, boasting that it is ranked no lower than third in any poll of American end users' PC brand preferences and reseller-preferred vendors. He is also confident that Australian markets are similar.

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