Microsoft barred from Java

Microsoft barred from Java

A federal judge yesterday issued an order that temporarily bars Microsoft from using Sun Microsystems' Java-compatible logo on two of its products, pending the outcome of a lawsuit Sun filed against Microsoft.

Sun filed the lawsuit against Microsoft last October, claiming the software giant violated its licensing agreement with Sun because its Internet Explorer 4.0 and Software Developer Kit for Java do not comply with the specifications Sun had laid out for Java. Microsoft then counter-sued.

In a court hearing last month Sun asked US District Judge Ronald Whyte to bar Microsoft from using the logo until the case was decided. The judge agreed with Sun yesterday and issued a temporary injunction barring Microsoft from using the steaming coffee cup logo on its products.

"The judge ruled that Sun Microsystems is likely to win based on the merits of the case," said Scott McNealy, Sun's president and CEO. "Note that I say 'likely'. We still have to go through the whole due process of the case."

The judge's ruling is a victory for Sun and for Java because "this is what the whole case was about", McNealy said. "When you see the Java logo you're supposed to know that it's 100% Pure Java -- that it's a Java-compatible product. That's the whole premise."

A Microsoft spokesman said the company will comply with the ruling.

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