Compaq and Ipex crack Defence

Compaq and Ipex crack Defence

The Department of Defence's Project Diary, one of its year 2000 remediation pro- jects, has delivered a huge windfall to two PC vendors, Compaq and Ipex, as well as five system integrators.

It is estimated that up to 20,000 desktop PCs will be installed into 287 defence sites and bases by June 30 this year.

According to Senator Eric Abetz, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, Project Diary was initiated in October with the aim of ensuring Y2K compliance for the site and base networks by the June 30 deadline.

Current estimated costs for Project Diary are in the order of $160 million, which Abetz said is constantly being refined as further information becomes available.

The remediation (supply of Y2K compliant PCs running Y2K compliant software) will be carried out by all five of the Defence Preferred System Integrators (DPSIs) and their subcontractors. Contracts have been awarded to Aspect, BHPIT, Compaq, CSC and IBM.

Michael Blake, general manager, defence, at Aspect Computing, said that the coordination between the system integrators has been very effective. "It's obviously a tight timeframe and a lot of resources will be marshalled to ensure it is brought in on time. This is well under way."

CSC's general manager for defence, James Kilazoglou, said that while the intent is to split up the integration work evenly between the DPSIs, those that are better able to respond will pick up more of the work. "This part of the project focuses on the infrastructure, and includes an audit of the requirements for each site to validate what the department did last year," he added.

Diary project director Bob Quick told ARN that, because of the scale and timeframe, all five DPSIs are involved in the project with an equitable split up of the sites. "It's as big an IT project as the department has undertaken in such a short time. We want to minimise the risk and maximise the amount of resources available to us to ensure we meet the objective," he said. The requirements of each of the 287 sites will be determined individually, and the PCs supplied on a 50/50 split between Compaq and Ipex.

The network equipment and servers will be provided by the system integrators from the Defence panel list, while the PCs are being supplied through Support Command Australia.

Major Mick Monaghan, national logistics manager IT for defence, is responsible for the provision of the desktop PCs as "government furnished equipment" (GFE). The "equipment" is a single standard workstation, PII 350MHz with 440BX chipset, a 4.3GB hard drive and a 17in monitor.

"We've started rolling out small batches already but, given the timeframe, I expect we will be moving larger numbers shortly," Monaghan said.

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