Xylan distribution deal is news to Anite's NZ arm

Xylan distribution deal is news to Anite's NZ arm

Network switch maker Xylan has added a new name to its list of New Zealand resellers but the company concerned, Anite Networks, is saying "not so fast".

Xylan's reported signing of Anite as a reseller would bring it alongside newly named Kiwi distributor Mastec International and existing Xylan rebadgers, IBM, Alcatel and Digital.

However, the Xylan deal was news to Anite New Zealand managing director Tom Meijer, who claimed no deal had yet been done. He said he is still investigating how such an arrangement would affect Anite's dealings with the company's existing network hardware supplier, Cisco.

"We have a good relationship with Cisco and Xylan will be seen as competing directly with it," he said.

Another factor affecting the future Anite-Cisco relationship is the announcement of a "strategic relationship" between Cisco and Datacraft, but Meijer seems to dismiss that as a defensive move by Datacraft.

"Datacraft has been losing market share in the areas in which we compete with it," he said.

While Xylan New Zealand manager Robin Hagen says he expects Anite to eventually be responsible for the bulk of Xylan's sales, Meijer says Hagen is putting the cart before the horse.

"There are still a few issues to be worked through. We are doing investigative work on what it would do for our business and have no contract at this stage with Xylan."

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