PC industry needs to reflect social change

PC industry needs to reflect social change

IDC has confirmed Compaq's position as the dominant player in the Australian PC market, at last week's Directions seminar in Sydney. Compaq grew its share by 0.5 per cent to take 8.5 per cent of sales in calendar 1997. IBM grew its share markedly to 7.8 per cent and remains in second place. Interestingly, strong international players Dell and HP -- third and fourth respectively worldwide -- languish in ninth and eighth positions here.

The intermediate positions are taken by regional strong performers such as Ipex (5.6 per cent) and Acer (4.3 per cent), while lower-performing vendors internationally reporting better than average results here included Digital (4.5 per cent), Toshiba (5.1 per cent) and Apple (5.6 per cent).

IDC says the market will become tougher as it consolidates, especially as a result of Compaq's acquisition of Digital. Other factors accelerating the market include lower price points, the introduction of new technologies, and the creation of new price points such as extremely low-cost PCs.

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