Microsoft sets hefty Hydra pricing

Microsoft sets hefty Hydra pricing

Attendees at last week's Spring Comdex in the US who inspected demonstrations of Microsoft's Windows Terminal Server (WTS), code-named Hydra, found the price of Microsoft's thin-client solution not particularly thin.

The extra costs of a Windows NT Workstation licence requirement, a per-user licensing model, and the need for a dedicated server, may make potential users think twice about adopting Microsoft's proposed thin-client solution.

However, one official with a terminal maker said adding this Microsoft touch to a WinFrame terminal will come at a cost.

"It will be more expensive under WTS than it was under WinFrame," the official said.

Microsoft is telling partners that WTS, which is due in the US in June and will be officially named Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, will be priced the same as Windows NT Server -- which includes 10 Client Access Licences -- and will require an NT Workstation licence for each user.

"You get a discount on the server, but not on the NT Workstation licences," said one attendee at a recent Citrix reseller conference in the US.

Another jolt could be in store for network managers who now use WinFrame software and relish Citrix's concurrent licensing scheme. If WinFrame users opt to install Microsoft's WTS, which in essence does the same job as WinFrame but adds the Windows NT 4.0 interface and replaces Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol with Microsoft's RDP, they will find that Microsoft is phasing out concurrent licensing in favour of per-user schemes.

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