Hold off on NT 5.0 upgrade, analysts say

Hold off on NT 5.0 upgrade, analysts say

Windows NT 5.0 promises better management features and Plug and Play hardware installation on notebook PCs, but analysts say many companies might be better off skipping the first version of this upgrade, due by early next year.

"My feeling is that by the time companies are done upgrading, they'll wish they'd done nothing," said Ken Dulaney, a Gartner Group analyst. "Most users are going to waste a lot of money and get nowhere, and by the time they're done, Microsoft will be on NT 6.0."

To upgrade to Windows NT 5.0, Gartner recommends a minimum Pentium II notebook equipped with 64MB of RAM. But instead of pushing to NT 5.0 and investing a lot of money in new Pentium II PCs, most companies should upgrade memory on their existing notebooks with lower-end processors and "sit and wait", Dulaney said.

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