Get your mouse on track

Sydney-based distributor BJE Enterprises has announced it is shipping Logitech's TrackMan Marble+, a new thumb-operated trackball mouse.

The new mouse has a scrolling wheel located on the mouse that enables end users to directly scroll within any Windows 95, NT or Internet application without needing to hover the cursor over the scroll bars. Additionally, users have the option to scroll in a variety of directions Ñ including horizontally Ñ and can zoom in and out while in Microsoft Office 97.

Logitech's TrackMan Marble+ has an estimated street price of $149.

BJE Enterprises

Tel (02) 9858 5611 Fax (02) 9858 5610

Macromedia releases Design in Motion SuiteDesign tool specialist Macromedia has released the Design in Motion Suite for Web designers.

Macromedia says it is a "complete vector graphics and animation solution". The package features FreeHand 8, Macromedia Flash and Insta.html 2.

At $889 (RRP) the package is available for $210 more than the stand-alone price of FreeHand 8.

The suite gives designers an integrated, professional set of tools to take their work from print to the Web.

The new version of FreeHand has built-in integration with Flash and the ability to export morphing animations directly from FreeHand. Other new features include fully editable vector transparency fills and a configurable interface.

The newly updated Insta.html 2 is a utility for converting FreeHand layouts into WYSIWYG HTML pages. FreeHand images can be exported as either Flash elements or GIF or PNG images.

A collection of high-quality tools at fantastic value, Design in Motion suite is a great graphics and animation solution for Web designers.

Firmware Design

Tel 1800 060 357 Fax (02) 4721 7215

Fast-track your Internet access

IMSI has released the second version of its popular NetAccelerator Internet package.

NetAccelerator Deluxe is a real-time Internet accelerator which is designed to pre-fetch then download all the links on a Web page.

It locates the links of a displayed page and uses the modem's idle time to download each link's contents.

The product works with any modem Ñ T1, T3 or ISDN line Ñ on a PC.

The utilities include WebSleuthLite, five combined search engines; Internet Anti-Virus; WinPack32 Deluxe, for file compression; Gravity Lite, a newsgroup tool; Jackhammer, which works behind the scenes to access busy sites; and NetJumper, which bookmarks the contents of each link on a page.

NetAccelerator Deluxe is available now for $84.95 (RRP) from Dataflow.


Tel (02) 9417 9700 Fax (02) 9417 9797

When only the fastest notebook will do

Digital's HiNote VP765 notebook isn't just a fast Pentium, it's a fast Pentium II 266MHz machine. The company claims it offers users the chance to take their processor intensive 16- and 32-bit applications out of the office and into the field. Features include zoomed video, hot-swappable combined CD/Diskette drive, 6Gb hard disk, expansion bay for devices such as a battery or DVD, and a 13.3in screen capable of 16 million colours. The VP765 has an ESP of $6700.

One key selling point is what Digital refers to as its "advanced service offerings". The first of these is Passport Service which gives express courier collection and delivery for repair, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. These repairs are given priority. From May 22, there will also be an on-site repair service in Australia and New Zealand. The third service is 60-second response software telephone support. Next is RevisionWorks which will give Bios and driver upgrade and compatibility support via CD-ROM.


Tel 13 2393 Fax (02) 9561 7495

ReachOut to multiple hosts

ReachOut Enterprise is a new remote-control software from Stac that allows network administrators to connect to multiple hosts from a single viewer.

One of its best advantages is an improved Windows network support that lets network administrators display lists of all ReachOut hosts on the network. This means easier access to end users because it eliminates the need for specific network addresses or machine names.

"ReachOut Enterprise is a solution that integrates seamlessly into most environments," said David Flesh, Stac's ReachOut product manager. "Network administrators can manage PCs and servers at branch offices and remote sites without leaving headquarters, and still deliver quick, reliable support."

ReachOut Enterprise supports TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS and Banyan VINES. It has minimal memory requirements so network administrators and help desk personnel can start a remote-control session at any time. They can also monitor the remote control activity of all users using a centralised Event Viewer.

Finally, ReachOut Enterprise includes new video architecture that is compatible with most devices and drivers.

ReachOut distributor Express Data expects to have ReachOut Enterprise stock by Friday. A 10-user licence will cost $1592.35 RRP, a 50-user licence will cost $6379.40 RRP and a 100-user licence will cost $10,209.70 RRP.

Express Data

Tel (02) 9598 9100

Fax (02) 9693 2629

SMARTnet in new packages

Cisco's full range of SMARTnet support services is now available in four new packaged services. The new services include two levels of on site support (8 x 5 x NBD and 8 x 5 x 4), two "hardware only" (8 x 5 x 4 and 24 x 7 x 4) packages as well as SMARTnet standard and SMARTnet Onsite premium categories.

All SMARTnet services programs include: 24 x 7 access to Cisco's global Technical Assistance Centre (TAC); Cisco Connection Online; and the full range of IOS software support, including major and minor upgrades.

Extended warranty and advance replacement hardware can also be purchased in a packaged format.

Cisco packaged services are available in 18 different categories, and prices vary greatly according to requirements. They can be purchased from the following three distributors:

Express Data

Tel (02) 9598 9100 Fax (02) 9317 3339

LAN Systems

Tel (02) 9901 3655 Fax (02) 9901 3003

Tech Pacific

Tel (02) 9381 6000 Fax (02) 9381 6299

Perhaps Panasonic phones will be your next new product linePanasonic is introducing a new type of phone into Australia. It works on the Personal Handyphone System (PHS), which is a cordless phone system designed to work on the customer side of a PABX. Limited-range cells are installed throughout a building or worksite, and phones will seamlessly switch between cells as users roam. Typical users include department stores, hotels, factories and office blocks.

The handset weighs 162g and is around the size of a typical cellular phone. It is digital (rather than analog) and stores up to 100 phone numbers. The system can be added to existing Panasonic PABXs, but of course can also be installed with a new PABX installation.

The RRPs of the digital cordless phones are as follows: $2221 for the 4line/8extn system; $1911 for the Cell Station Interface; $1354 for the Cell Station; and $765 for the handset.


Tel 13 2600 Fax (02) 9986 7355

IntelliCAD touted as cheaper AutoCAD alternativeVisio has released IntelliCAD 98, its $599 professional CAD package. The company claims unprecedented compatibility with AutoCAD files, commands, and add-on products. More than 3000 beta testers gave the thumbs-up to the product over months of beta testing, prompting Visio to promise that buyers will be completely satisfied when they try their new product. Local Visio boss Angus Robertson said the product would help move the AutoCAD standard much more widely throughout the industry because it was not only 100 per cent compatible, but just 20 per cent of the price as well. Industry observers and CAD authorities are quoted as saying the product does everything they could expect of it.


Tel (02) 9929 2399 Fax (02) 9929 2349

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