Assemblers face critical shortage

Assemblers face critical shortage

Australian PC assemblers are facing a "critical shortage" of Socket 7-compatible CPUs, now that Intel has abandoned that market.

Kerry Hudson, who handles CPU sales for authorised AMD distributor Avnet Pacific, told ARN that she is currently holding back orders for 6000 units for Australian assemblers. "Many of them are assemblers that were formerly using Intel, and are unwilling to use low-end slot 1," she said.

One component trader described the shortage of CPUs like AMD K6 233 and 266MHz as desperate.

Meanwhile, new player on the Win-CPU block IDT is set to ramp up its presence in the Australian market through its distributor, Adelaide-based Legend, itself a memory and chip manufacturer.

The word is that IDT is about to "go on the road" in Australia with the release of its Winchip 2 3D Super 7- (Socket 7 with 100MHz bus) compatible CPUs, incorporating technology licensed from none other than AMD - 3DNow.

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