NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Pliers visit unlocks Bay's acquisition secrets

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Pliers visit unlocks Bay's acquisition secrets

Be careful what you wish for. Last week, shortly after despairing over ever de-spareing the aquatred around my middle, the nagging ache I had chalked up to post-Pixel bruxism ignited into red-hot jawbone agony. This wisdom tooth had to go.

Dr Boris Krakauer, Pliers to Silicon Valley, runs an unusual practice. Encyclopedic waiting-room reading includes stacks of 19th century sheet music and copies of Highlights and Cricket, although he treats no one younger than 25.

Calming tonic appeared in the form of a Bay Networks binder tossed amid the pile. Apparently left behind by one of Dr Krakauer's groggier patients, the notebook contained a roster of potential Bay Networks acquisitions. Unfortunately, I made it only to the A's - WAN equipment vendor ACT Networks is squarely in Bay's sights - before Dr Krakauer barked me into the examination room.

Dr Krakauer stuck an IV in my arm, and the next thing I knew, it was over. A nurse led me to the dark recovery room, where I listened to an IT manager at a large health-care organisation get his pearlies laser-whitened. Seems he needs all the wattage he can muster. He's tweaked an SCO version of Oracle7 for Linux and has it running on a 180MHz box, but his bosses are still reluctant to commit to freeware.


Dr Krakauer was on that morning, and I'm a quick healer. My sockets are wet and healthy, and the only evidence of the extractions are pale rainbows across both jawlines.

What's coming out of Microsoft's mouth is pretty rote these days. On a Web page about NT 5.0, Microsoft replaced a passage saying the NOS would incorporate "tens of thousands of bug fixes" with one that said it would incorporate "feedback from our customers".

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