SIM card reader proves a power user's toy

SIM card reader proves a power user's toy

Software that gives mobile phone users unparalleled command over the data stored on their SIM cards is about to make its Australian appearance.

The SIMedit package gives cell phone owners the power to:

-- Transfer their (Subscriber Identity Module) SIM card's configuration details and phone directory database to a PC's screen for easier editing-- Back up card data by saving it to the Pa's hard disk-- Use the PC screen to compose text messages for downloading to the SIM card. As an added feature, details from Excel spreadsheets can be pasted into a text message with SIMedit.

Developed in the Czech Republic, SIMedit was released a few months ago in Europe where sales reportedly have been brisk. The product caught the eye of Alan Guillan, director of its Australian distributor All PC Securities, during a trip to Europe last year when it was still in its development phase.

Only power users might make use of SIMedit's ability to cut and paste spreadsheet cells into a mobile phone screen message. However the ease of composing text messages on a full size keyboard instead of a mobile phone keypad has broad appeal, Guillan believes.

He plans to release the SIMedit package of software and a card reader in Australia in the next few weeks.

The package will run only on Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95 PCs and will be priced around $375 RRP.

All PC Securities

Phone: (07) 3832 7383

Fax: (07) 3317 0992

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