Tektronix pushes resellers into colour

Tektronix pushes resellers into colour

Following the successful intro- duction of a distributor into its previous direct reseller channel, Tektronix is now focusing its marketing push at generating demand among major end users.

As reported by ARN (see January 28, page 4), Tektronix appointed Tech Pacific as its new distributor and already the printer maker's decision is starting to pay dividends.

According to David Bates, Tektronix's national sales and marketing manager, the next step for the partnership is to make sure resellers and users take advantage of the small price difference between monochrome and colour printers at the high end.

"The presentation and efficiency benefits of colour printers are well understood, but a lot of resellers are missing opportunities to demonstrate this to their customers," said Bates.

"The thing about conversion from monochrome to colour is that resellers don't have to go and find new buyers. They have to find people who are buying multiple printers and make sure they understand a quality colour printer comes at a low premium on their monochromes."

Bates referred to IDC Australia research which shows that approximately one in 10 high-performance printers sold in 1997 were colour, while Tektronix held about 50 per cent of that trade. And analysts predict that within 10 years all purchased printers will come in colour.

"We'll be assisting the increasing demand with selective national advertising and continued direct mail campaigns," Bates said.

"Resellers have to remember that the way people buy their first colour printer will be totally different to the way they buy their fifth, and different again to the way the 20th is purchased.

"Instead of buying 10 for the whole building, major end users will soon be buying 10 for each floor and Tektronix needs to be in the channels already equipped to supply that sort of order."

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