Cabletron rocked by mass resignations

Cabletron rocked by mass resignations

Already rocked by its international management shake-up, Cabletron has been dealt another massive blow - this time locally. Managing director Steve Dixon has resigned and is taking five key Cabletron personnel with him to start up an enterprise management consulting and integration company called Full Spectrum.

Cabletron wasted no time in appointing a new MD, with second-in-command Ian Fewtrell, previously the company's sales and marketing manager, taking the reigns immediately. The local Cabletron Spectrum team has been decimated however, with Steve Bird, Spectrum product manager; Keith Johnson, Spectrum training expert; and three Spectrum technical specialists Tim Goswell, Jim Christis and Bruce Lindner; all leaving to form the start up. Each will be a director and shareholder in Full Spectrum.

Dixon said Full Spectrum would fill a massive void in the Australian market, which is desperately crying out for enterprise management expertise and services. Full Spectrum will offer installation, support and administration of enterprise management deployments.

While it will obviously have extensive expertise with Spectrum, the company is also looking to build up its Tivoli skillset as well as experience with more specialised products like PC management software WinWatch and management tools from Gecko Software.

Full Spectrum has very ambitious growth plans and expects to have more than 30 employees and be turning over $5 to $7 million within a year.

"A number of organisations that have implemented enterprise management solutions have found it very difficult because they don't have the necessary time to invest or the skillsets. But they don't want to hand it over to one of the large outsourcers because the type of money that are charging is exorbitant.

That's where we will fit in," Dixon said.

When asked about the inevitable rumour that it was a case of the captain fleeing the sinking ship, Dixon said: "Cabletron is not a sinking ship. They have some market perception issues to sort out and they've got to be very clear in their strategy. But at the end of the day they have very good products are a very financially stable organisation."

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