Windows NT goes without

Windows NT goes without

Microsoft is cooking up an embedded version of its Windows NT OS that it plans to aim at both enterprise and home markets.

The goal is to reconfigure the OS so it can be used with or without a disk, monitor, mouse, or keyboard, depending on what it is needed for. With the embedded version of NT, OEMs will be able to drop the OS into various products for "special purpose markets", said Jim Allchin, senior vice president of Microsoft's personal and business systems group.

"It gives new markets for us," Allchin said. "People are using other software to manage, maybe storage systems, maybe switches or dial- in units. Some of the companies are already using NT on these things, but we didn't necessarily make it easy for them. We're trying to make it much simpler."

The concept of an embedded version of NT is not new; it is currently used by Data General, which runs its Thin Line Web server on a version of embedded NT.

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