Bay Networks router to adhere to DiffServ

Bay Networks router to adhere to DiffServ

A Bay Networks router scheduled to ship early next year is designed to provide dedicated Internet access with differentiated levels of service at a lower cost than most dedicated services available today.

The Versalar IP Access Switch 15000 will be built specifically for service providers to give enterprises a dedicated T1 or larger pipe to the Internet. It will use a prestandard implementation of the Differentiated Services specification to assign different applications and users to higher or lower classes of service across the WAN.

Many next-generation applications will require differentiated service, analysts said.

"To make VPNs [virtual private networks] a reality, you have to be able to differentiate," said Deb Mielke, an analyst at TeleChoice.

"This is a great VPN builder."

The 15000 combines the functions of a router and switch, reducing complexity and cost, and saving space in a service provider's point of presence, according to Bay Networks. In addition, its fractionalised T1 capability means service providers can offer as many as 672 T1s or 1,024 IP connections without a digital access and crossconnect system. The router will cost less than $US500 per T1 with an average configuration, officials said.

Cost savings for providers could turn into significantly lower charges to enterprise customers, Mielke said.

Bay Networks' implementation of the Internet Engineering Task Force's Differentiated Services standard, or DiffServ, will use IP Type of Service to move traffic on to high-priority services.

DiffServ, which is expected to be approved next year, is designed to provide guaranteed quality of service acrosspacket-based LANs, ATM, and frame-relay WANs.

The 15000 will connect to ATM core routers or switches via Gigabit Ethernet or connections up to OC-12 (622Mbps) on ATM or Packet over Synchronous Optical Network.

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