Welcome to ARN Daily Interactive

Welcome to ARN Daily Interactive

Have you ever wanted to ask Eckhard Pfeiffer, the CEO of Compaq, a question? This is your chance with the launch of ARN Interactive - part of your ARN Information Service. The service will be an occasional chance for you to ask leading industry figures your questions.

On 13 June one of our journalists will be leaving for New York to cover PC Expo. The keynote address is expected to come from Eckhard Pfeiffer. This could be the stage on which he chooses to outline Compaq's plan to integrate Digital with its operations.

Later that week our journalist is expecting to have a one-on-one interview with Pfeiffer - either in New York or at the Houston head office of Compaq.

We'd like you to be on our side in that interview.

We want you to forward to us the questions you would like to ask Pfeiffer. They could be about the Digital takeover or any other aspect of the company's business.

Pfeiffer is credited with turning Compaq from a struggling PC maker to the giant it is today. He is acknowledged to be one of the leading figures on the IT landscape.

We'll keep your questions confidential and retain the right to limit the number of question we will include in the interview.

Simply email with those questions!

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