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Online Training - The Low-Cost, Flexible Way to Expand Your Computer Skills

  • 13 August, 2003 15:37

<p>The market is flooded with computer training courses and we’d all like to broaden our computer skills. But time and cost are so often the inhibiting factors.</p>
<p>Imagine being able to log on to the internet and choose from over 700 interactive computer training courses that you can complete from home in your own time – and at a fraction of the cost of standard computer courses.</p>
<p>E-learning is the latest mainstream use that people have found for the internet and when you consider the relative convenience and the significant cost savings, it’s not surprising it’s catching on fast.</p>
<p>One of Australia’s key providers of online computer training courses is Melbourne-based training company ClickStart Learning Group.</p>
<p>David Meeson, CEO of ClickStart said the concept of online e-learning has been a late bloomer in terms of people’s adoption of internet services. But he’s recently noticed a surge in demand for the self-directed learning model his company provides.</p>
<p>People want to broaden their computer skills to make themselves more employable, yet many are put off by the time investment and the expense of standard training courses.</p>
<p>If that sounds like you, ClickStart has the answer, providing access to over 700 online computer training courses.</p>
<p>For one low-cost subscription fee you can receive unlimited access to a wide range of training material. You only pay for the courses you choose and you can then access them from any computer with an internet connection, and complete them at your own pace over a one year period.</p>
<p>A typical suite of courses that the average person might set themselves to learn in 12 months would cost about $300. It’s definitely the most convenient and inexpensive way to learn computer skills. Each course incorporates a pre-course assessment, meaning you can either refresh your memory or concentrate on your individual needs.</p>
<p>David acknowledges that motivation can be an inhibiting factor for some people undertaking the e-learning approach, but he says many people are surprised that once started, the ClickStart courses provide an engaging and thought-provoking learning experience.</p>
<p>If you’re not sure that e-learning is the answer for you, ClickStart even provides a free demo course so you can try before you buy.</p>
<p>Once the subscription to your group of courses is made, you don’t have to wait to download the training program each time you want to use it. This is accessed straight from your browser and you can begin immediately or pick up from where you last bookmarked it.</p>
<p>Most mainstream computer programs and applications are included in the comprehensive course list of ClickStart’s online training service including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics programs, project management and presentation programs. Similarly a Microsoft Office bundle of courses incorporating Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook (the application most used, but not to its maximum potential) has been recently launched at an introductory price of $250.</p>
<p>Is e-learning the way of the future?</p>
<p>David says it may be some time before demand for ClickStart’s online courses outstrips his company’s other computer training courses, but there is certainly a growing number of people who are catching on to the benefits of e-learning.</p>

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