Online and on time

Online and on time

Maurice Famularo, marketing and channel manager D-Link Australia and New Zealand, lists his five favourite Web sites, in no particular orderwww.disney.comFamularo's excuse? "My kids make me do it. I usually get bribed to go here. There is a sucker born every day." Some kids just never grow up, hey Maurice? or"It's a great search engine for anything on the Web." We all need to search. Yahoo was one of the first on the market and hasn't let anyone get"I'm in control," Famularo said. "It's a great search engine for both the White and Yellow Pages. I can confirm details quickly and it saves me dialling 013." The Telstra home page has links to the White and Yellow pages search engines, as well as information about Big Pond and other Telstra's a little limited, Famularo says, but he can easily find the products and services to buy. Yet another Telstra site, Surelink is an online trading centre. "Polish up the old credit card," Famularo"Heh, heh, heh that's our Web site. It's not the best but it's simple to use and D-Link have some great products available," says Famularo.

Famularo also likes visiting his competitors' Web sites to see what they're up to. He says it's good for "gathering intelligence" about the"Some other web sites are a little too personal to mention, needless to say that the Web is a weird place," which makes us worry about just what it is that Famularo does in his spare time.

World Cup Soccer

Far be it from me to comment on sport, but it seems that soccer is a dominant code at the moment. Yes, it's World Cup time again. Given the prohibitive pricing of tickets and the French stipulation that you be in the country to buy tickets, most people will be tuning into SBS and the Internet to catch up with the latest results.

The France '98 site is the official World Cup Web site and if you're a soccer fan, it's a priority bookmark.

The Stage 1 matches kick off today (June 10) and the site has a full game schedule presented in a colourful animated Flash section. All matches are listed in Paris time (nine hours behind EST).

A news ticker across the top of the home page reports the latest news and of course results will be readily available. There really is every- thing a soccer fan would ever want. News, results, competition details and the venues.

Each team in the final 16 will have detailed information available, including its qualification route, team facts, game history and related news.

In a section called "The Playing Field", there's a trivia quiz for soccer buffs, information about the mascot, downloads (what self-respecting soccer fan wouldn't have a France '98 screen saver?) and links to other sites.

If you just have even a passing interest in soccer, make sure you check in to this site at least once a day while the competition is on. Think of the conversations you could start. "Hey, did you hear about Iran's last minute save in the World Cup?" Very cool.

The Universal Currency Converter

The Universal Currency Converter is a handy site to bookmark. The exchange rates are based on the Bank of Montreal's mid-market rates for large value transactions. The currencies supported include Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, US dollars, British pounds, German marks, Japanese yen, Fijian dollars and even Algerian dinars.

The exchange rates are updated daily, but there are plans, the site says, to provide a real-time rate feed.

There's also a currency update service, which is a daily e-mail with updates on the value of specified currencies.

This site would be best used as a guide for all those times you're stuck with foreign pricing and need an instant conversion.

What's your favourite Web site? Send an e-mail to with your pick of the Net.

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