Printer vendor trials agency reseller program

Printer vendor trials agency reseller program

The newly established Australian subsidiary of laser printer vendor GCC is inviting resellers to hand over their sales. Instead of the typical margin, resellers can earn a monthly rebate according to their agreed volume.

GCC Technologies has been better known in the Australian Macintosh market for its Elite XL and Selectpress printers via a distributor - the now closed down Maxwells Electronic Imaging division - and is now seeking to gain a direct footing in the PC market.

According to GCC Australian general manager John Osmotherly: "We want resellers to bring us the printer sale - even just the lead - or give us the customer's details and we'll invoice and ship directly to the customer, and pay a rebate to the reseller."

Handing over customers

Osmotherly believes resellers will not be put off handing over their customers, explaining that they all realise how many sets of hands are involved in fulfilling a printer sale the traditional way.

"We only do printers, we can't compete in anything else, and the printer sale is often only a component of a sale involving systems, other peripherals and networks," he said.

In answer to the question of why resellers should give their customers to GCC, Osmotherly claimed that customers appreciate dealing direct with the manufacturer.

"Even though we've sold direct, the reseller earns the full rebate even if it has done nothing other than pass on the lead, and their customer should feel comfortable knowing that the buck stops with us as the manufacturer."

Osmotherly denies the program will create conflict with GCC's resellers. "When someone calls us direct from our advertising, we will ask them if they have a preferred reseller. If they have, and it's one of our authorised resellers, the sale will go through them," he claims. "When we do sell direct, we have a no discount policy, and it's only at the recommended retail price.

"We're not making it an advantage to buy from the manufacturer. In fact, it can be more expensive because resellers discount and can offer their customers trading terms where we only sell on a COD basis."

GCC does not expect to attract the whole market, and Osmotherly claims that probably only two or three resellers will be required in each state. "We're not looking for every man and his dog to come to us, but we want to find synergy and form partnerships with resellers and do the direct business for them," he said. "We'd like to work with them in direct marketing their customers. Any business the reseller generates from this will earn the rebate at the end of the month."

While the sales model has just been unveiled by GCC, Osmotherly did not disclose which non-Mac resellers have already signed up. Instead, he would only say that GCC is keen to expand the customer base across both spheres.

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