Microsoft's first COM+ demonstration crashes

Microsoft's first COM+ demonstration crashes

Microsoft at its TechEd user conference gave the first public demonstration of its COM+ object-oriented programming model, but the demonstration crashed - to the applause of the audience.

COM+ encompasses a combined version of the Component Object Model (COM) and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) technologies and new services, such as queuing, events, clustering, and in-memory database.

COM+ includes the Bring Your Own Transaction (BYOT) protocol, that will open COM+ to third-party vendors.

Iona Technologies and Digital are the first companies to gain access to BYOT (refer page 34). And, the company is talking to other TP Monitor vendors.

"We are in early discussions with BEA but we have nothing to announce yet," said David Cameron, Microsoft's US-based group product manager for COM+ and MTS.

Microsoft is going to license what is now called "Classic COM" to the Unix vendors and provide interoperability for COM+ or MTS.

Other interoperability features include database standard XA, the proposed Internet Engineering Task Force Transaction Internet Protocol and Component Resource Management.

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