Notes from the field Looking for love

Notes from the field Looking for love

Feeling lonely and lazy lately, I decided I needed a new companion, one that would always be there for me, and not leave any emotional scars. So I bought a brand new bicycle, an ice-blue-coloured Specialized Crossroads model with 21 gears.

Anyway, I hopped on the bike and reminisced about how I hadn't had this much fun since I gave up my paper route many years back. My bike travels have alerted me to the wondrous variety of cars with high-tech theme licence plates.

"H8 Oracle" read one plate, located near the Informix parking lot. "NTWINDO9" read another, on a Rolls-Royce, of course.

"Only in Silicon Valley," I thought.

Although Microsoft may be having some success getting its products mentioned on licence plates, things aren't going as well for the company's Visual J++ Java toolkit for Windows. Company vice president Steve Ballmer, in a speech at the recent Microsoft TechEd conference, asked the crowd of several thousand how many used Java and how many used J++. The responses showed that many were using Java and only one was using J++. Sounds like no one is taking Microsoft's Java push seriously.

At another recent conference, the reception given to ATM doesn't bode well for that technology. The ATM Year '98 show in San Jose had all the hustle and bustle of a graveyard, according to a show wanderer probably wondering why he was there. One panel moderator even asked if everyone was awake.

Microsoft nemesis Netscape soon may expand its agreement with Citibank to bring financial services and online trading to the Netcenter Web portal site. But Netcenter marketing chief Mike Homer will have to miss the announcement, being out on his honeymoon. By the way, Marc Andreessen's wedding gift to Mike was a set of black latex sheets.

Guess I'll bike on home now. Better put on my helmet, in case I get sideswiped by some disgruntled programmer in a BMW, weary from 14 hours of writing code.

(Woo-hoo! The training wheels are off and I'm ready to roll. Suggested destinations can be e-mailed to:

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