Deluxe 104 Keyboard

The Deluxe 104 keyboard is an affordable keyboard featuring a standard layout, quiet full-sized keys, Windows 95 hot keys and a detachable palm rest. The Windows 95 hot keys save time by providing instant access to the start and contextual menus. The keyboard's unique spill-resistant design offers protection against minor spills and incidental dirt or crumbs that may accumulate on the desktop.

Platform: IBM-compatible PC with a free AT or PS/2 port. MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.x and Windows 98Price: $49 ESPVendor: LogitechDistributor: LogitechTel (02) 9972 3711 Fax (02) 9972 3570HARDWARESOHOware Network KitA retail-packaged network hardware solution for networking two PCs in the SOHO environment. The kit contains two PnP Ethernet adapters, two 15m UTP cables, a 5-port hub, and a concise, jargon-free user's guide. It is designed to eliminate technical barriers so PC users without networking expertise can create their own networks. It is expandable with other products from the SOHOware range.

Platform: Win 95/98, NT Netware, WFW, LANtasticPrice: $199 RRPVendor: IDC CommunicationDistributor: IntreSource AustraliaTel (02) 9807 6999 Fax (02) 9807 6566SOFTWAREWebtricity 2A graphics and animation software suite for the Web, Webtricity 2 has all of Micrografx's graphic software applications including: 1. Picture Publisher 8 - for the production of animation and complex graphic indexes. 2. Simply 3D - a three-dimensional animation product. 3. Windows Draw 6 - a vector drawing application for Web page authoring. 4. Media Manager 8 - a graphics organiser for program to program transition. 5. Clip Art - a collection of 10,000 photographs, 1000 3D objects, 100 textures and tiles, 250 fonts and 3000 illustrations.

Platform: Windows

Price: $254 RRP

Vendor: Micrografx Australia

Distributor: Tech Pacific

Tel (02) 9381 6000 Fax (02) 9381 6149


ArtPad II and ArtZ II

ArtPad II and ArtZ II allow you to draw, paint, illustrate and even edit images freehand on your computer. It's as easy as using your favourite brush, pen, airbrush or pencil thanks to the WACOM erasing duo switch, UltraPen. The ArtPAd II, at 4 x 5in, is no bigger than a mouse pad and designed for those who don't require a large surface or sophisticated tools to do computer art. The ArtZ II is slightly larger (6 x 8in or 12 x 12in, and 12 x 18in) and offers features such as transparent overlay, and a two-switch cordless pen.

Platform: Windows 95 or later, Mac 6.0.4 or laterPrice: ArtPad II is $254 RRP ArtZ II: 6 x 8in is $542 RRP; 12 x 12in is $706 RRP; 12 x 18in is $1001 RRP. The erasing duo switch ultra pen is $92 RRPVendor: WACOMDistributor: Polaroid Australia Tel 1800 066 021 Fax (02) 9842 7111AUDIO VISUALToshiba TLP511 Media StarThe TLP511 Media Star is the first projector in the world to combine XGA data resolution, video and a built-in document camera. It is a light-weight unit (7.9kg) that produces a minimum brightness of 650 ANSI lumens. The TLP511 is bright enough to be clearly seen in a well-lit room and compact enough to fit under an aircraft seat. It has a fold-out document camera that can project all documents, transparencies and three- dimensional objects.

Platform: Newest Pentium and Power PCs; NTSC and PAL data and video; SXGA (1280 x 1024) data projection in a compressed formatPrice: $14,500 RRPVendor: ToshibaDistributor: Audio Visual AustraliaTel 1800 032 408 Fax (03) 9720 9944HARDWAREEricsson Mobile Office DI 27The Ericsson DI 27 uses infrared technology for the wireless transmission of data between mobile phones and most infrared-equipped laptop or handheld computers. The DI 27 does not drain power from the laptop or handheld computer. This allows for extended use while travelling and is ideal for handheld computing devices with low battery capacity. The DI 27 weighs less than 10g. It enables the data capabilities of all Ericsson 600 and 700 series mobile phones by simply slotting into the base of the phone.

Platform: PC with Win 95, H/PC with Windows CE or other compatible PDAPrice: $379 RRPVendor: EricssonDistributor: EricssonTel (03) 9301 1000 Fax (03) 9417 7940SOFTWAREISOCharterISOCharter is a documentation tool for the quality management systems market. ISOCharter is a powerful, yet flexible, software package designed to provide companies with a cost-effective and time- efficient method for achieving and maintaining registration to the ISO/QS-9000, ISO 14000 and other similar standards without writing a single procedure. Each version offers more than 50 process models incorporated into the product. ISOCharter provides editing and rapid map-creation capabilities, giving customers flexibility for customisation.

Platform: Win 95, Win NT

Price: Price available on application

Vendor: Micrografx

Distributor: Micrografx

Tel 1800 644 298 Fax 1800 626 605


Astra 1220 series scanner

The Astra 1220 series is an affordable, 36-bit colour scanner for SOHO and corporate markets. It has 1200 x 600dpi resolution. The Astra 1220 features UMAX's innovative Bit Enhancement Technology (BET) which constructs a smooth tonal curve without data loss to provide greater colour depth and more detail in highlight and shadow areas. It features an SCSI interface (a parallel port version will be available soon) for simple Plug and Play installation and a complete range of software, such as VistaScan, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Caere OmniPage and Recognita, UMAX Copy Utility, Presto PageManager and Presto PhotoAlbum.

Platform: PC Win 95, Win NT, Mac

Price: $687 RRP

Vendor: UMAX

Distributor: Computer Enterprises of Australia Tel (02) 9807 5222 Fax (02) 9807 5333SOFTWAREAdobe Premiere 5.0Adobe Premiere 5.0 is a high-end editing tool that is easy to use and navigate. There are three main windows for editing work: the Project window allows you to store video clips in a list; the Monitor window lets you play the video. It is divided into two parts: Source and Program. This allows you to edit and insert video clips while you review the entire edited program. The Timeline window organises the clips in sequence, and lets you add up to 99 audio and 99 video tracks. You can target, hide, display and edit the content of these tracks. The software has options such as extensive audio filters and keyboard shortcuts. It now includes streamlined processes such as long-format editing and easier navigation among clips.

Platform: Win 95, Win NT, Power Mac

Price: $1495 RRP; upgrade for registered users is $329Vendor: Adobe Distributor: Adobe Systems Tel 1800 065 628 Fax (02) 9418 8489PERIPHERALNetcomm Roadster II 56 UltraThe Roadster II 56 Ultra has both the current 56Kflex protocol and the international standard ITU-T V.90 56Kbps protocol built in. It can connect to different services without the need to swap out firmware. The Roadster II 56 Ultra is data/fax and voice-modem capable and has voice-mail capabilities. Its speakerphone can turn your PC into a hands-free telephone and lets you download from your ISP at speeds up to 56Kbps, while still maintaining send rate of 33.6Kbps.

Platform: Win 3.1, Win 95/98, Mac OS 7.0 or higher, Win NT, MS-DOSPrice: $299 RRPVendor: NetcommDistributor: Sirius TechnologyTel (02) 9424 2000 Fax (02) 9424 2011HARDWAREIBM IntelliStation M ProIBM IntelliStation M Pro is a Windows NT-based workstation for commercial users who require graphics and computer-intensive performance. The IntelliStation M Pro was the winner of the US PC Week "Best of Comdex" award for desktop systems. IntelliStation features single or dual 233, 266 or 300MHz Pentium II processors with either 32, 64 or 128MB SDRAM (maximum capacity 512MB) with error-checking and correcting memory for greater data protection and hard disk capacity of up to 25GB.

Platform: Win NT

Price: $7760 ESP

Vendor: IBM Australia

Distributor: IBM Australia

Tel 13 1347 Fax (02) 9354 7766


Quantum DLTstor

The DLTstor is Quantum's answer to high- density multi-drive tape libraries using the DLT4000 or DLT7000 tape drive system. The DLTstor holds a total of 14 tapes in two magazines. This very compact unit is no bigger than a full-sized PC tower but can provide capacities of 560GB (DLT4000 drive) or 980GB compressed (using DLT7000). For companies that want high performance, the DLTstor can hold one, two or three tape drives offering throughputs of up to 100GB per hour using DLT7000 drives. It comes complete with 14 tapes and an optional barcode.

Platform: NT, Unix, Novell

Price: $20,000Ð$56,000 RRP (ex tax)

Vendor: Quantum

Distributor: Digital Tape Solutions

Tel (02) 9888 3488 Fax (02) 9888 3400


BuyerXpert 1.0

Netscape BuyerXpert is a suite of open standards-based software applications for automating commerce exchange, procurement and selling over the Internet. BuyerXpert can automate the purchasing process from start to finish, including managing local and remote supplier catalogues, allowing employees to place orders from a Web browser, managing internal approvals and placing orders with suppliers' systems using either the Internet or existing legacy systems.

Platform: Sun Solaris

Price: on application

Vendor: Netscape Communications

Distributor: Express Data

Tel (02) 9598 9100 Fax (02) 9317 3339


Tel 1800 024 233 Fax (02) 9415 0533


RF-2096 Organiser

The RF-2096 personal organiser from Rolodex Electronics is the only 96KB machine available in Australia under $80. This neat organiser is capable of storing over 800 card files and includes a comprehensive scheduler, an easy-access telephone directory, a 10-digit calculator and home/world clocks with alarm. These are all displayed on a crisp three- line backlit screen. Powered by a lithium battery, the RF-2096 also has optional plug-in interface ($39.95).

Platform: Win 3.1, Win 95 and MS-DOS

Price: $79.95 RRP

Vendor: Rolodex Electronics

Distributor: Franklin Electronic PublishersTel (02) 9757 1999 Fax (02) 9609 4935HARDWARESmartSecuritySmartSecurity is an Internet security offering developed for the SME market. The unit functions as a firewall and filtering device to assist SMEs in the protection of the networks from hackers and other unwanted intrusions. SmartSecurity boasts an intuitive Plug and Play set up, and features that include content filtering, network address translation, three security zones and simple management.

Platform: All platforms

Price: $3995 RRP

Vendor: Sirius Technologies

Distributor: Netcomm

Tel (02) 9878 7333 Fax 02) 9424 2010


Tandberg MLR3 50GB tape drive

The Tandberg MLR3 50GB tape drive is available as a complete tape data-storage management solution or as a tape-drive kit without software. The MLR3 is fully backward compatible with the Tandberg SLR-MLR product family. The MLR3 offers a transfer rate of up to 240MBps through a Fast Wide SCSI interface. Internal and external models are available. The Tandberg MLR3 has a three-year warranty.

Platform: all

Price: starts from $6350 RRP

Vendor: Tandberg Data

Distributor: T-Data

Tel (02) 9980 8122 Fax (02) 9980 8218


Tel (07) 3399 5588 Fax (07) 3300 9777

Tel (03) 9467 6822 Fax (03) 9467 6833


Banksia MyModem 56V

The MyModem 56V supports both V.90 and K56 flex standards to ensure you have no disruptions to your modem connections. It also gives you access to a far wider choice of Internet service providers. The MyModem is Flash-upgradeable which ensures future enhancements can be downloaded online. The MyModem gives you a Web browser, offers from ISPs, e-mail software and communication, real-time voice communication, and productivity tools ideal for home or office. It allows for voice mail and the sending and receiving of faxes.

Platform: Win 3.1, Win 95/98, MS DOS Win NTPrice: $289 RRPVendor: BanksiaDistributor: Sirius TechnologyTel (02) 9424 2000 Fax (02) 9424 2011SERVICESSupportSuiteSupportSuite is a new range of services and warranty enhancements created for Australian users of Exabyte's backup and storage products. Included in the new offerings are enhanced services; extended support hours that will eventually include 7 x 24 telephone support; a media conversion service that will enable users to migrate to Exabyte technologies with a minimum of fuss; and recovery protection.

Platform: n/a

Price: n/a

Vendor: Exabyte

Distributor: Storabyte Solutions

Tel (02) 9975 2511 Fax (02) 9975 6298

Datastor Australia

Tel (07) 3274 6377 Fax (07) 3274 6349

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