The writing's on the wall for Bobby and Pammy, but is it in English?

The writing's on the wall for Bobby and Pammy, but is it in English?

OK, so I can accept that I no longer fit into Pammy's future (at least as far as she's concerned), but why, then, won't she leave me alone? Pammy decided some months back that our paths had diverged. Or, to quote her: "There's more to life than your introspective ramblings."

After leaving a couple of phone messages to check that I was OK, she now sends me e-mail from a HotMail account to make sure I can't track her location. The address is, if you want to send her hate mail.

There may soon be hate mail between Redmond, Washington, and Round Rock, Texas. A source tells me Dell will shortly announce plans to sell servers without pre-loading any operating system, although it has no immediate plans to do the same thing with desktops unless it is sure enough customers want desktops that way.

The sequel to SQL

That hate mail may collide with some flying from Microsoft to Oracle's Redwood Shores, California, headquarters. A friend tells me Larry Ellison is ecstatic because WebTV (owned by Microsoft) is dumping SQL Server and bringing in Oracle8 instead. And the reason? SQL Server is just not up to snuff, according to my contact.

Oracle is also raising eyebrows with its ambitious delivery schedule for additions to its Spartan front-office software offerings, which will apparently require programmers to work around the clock. Oracle should maybe look to Lotus, where a senior middleware architect is about to jump ship.

Because of the ambitious schedule, Oracle is "trying to mimic all the good things of a start-up: the passion and the intensity", in hopes of recruiting more developers, senior vice president Nimish Mehta said. Funny - I thought the best thing about a start-up was the stock options.

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