Acer reveals XC prototypes

Acer reveals XC prototypes

Acer is set to announce five different reference platforms for its unique XC or X computer devices and will encourage original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), value-added resellers (VARs), and Internet service providers (ISPs) to "explore the potential business opportunities" they could create.

The company lauds the open industry standards upon which the devices are built, namely x86 PC architecture and Internet protocols.

Although most of the devices are designed for home use (in conjunction with a television), there is one that focuses on the corporate market. The Acer Mobile X100 will use an embedded OS and include instant On/Off. It is being positioned as a lightweight device for browsing, sending and receiving e-mail, writing and editing documents, and transferring data.

The X700, which will support Socket 7 x 86 processors running as fast as 400MHz, will be a multimedia and communications device with a built-in LAN. It is being targeted at 3D gaming, home theatre, or home electronics control.

The Desktop X500, which is based on an embedded x86 processor, will include support for Universal Serial Bus (USB), wireless and digital technologies, Web browsing, and photo/image editing.

The Acer Set-top X300 will be used as a reference platform for set-top devices enabling Internet commerce and videoconferencing.

Finally, the X200 is designed for home entertainment and education, and is based on a 386SX system architecture. It will support CD-ROM, CD-audio and DVD.

Acer officials say the idea is not to snuff out PCs, but rather to enhance the market by bringing consumers up to speed with Internet technologies.

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