Optus outsourcing deal yields business partner opportunities

Optus outsourcing deal yields business partner opportunities

Optus' quest to return to profitability has seen the company outsource large chunks of its IT infrastructure to in a deal valued at $250 million over five years.

The agreement - which will see Digital's services division take responsibility for Optus' two data centres, network systems infrastructure, help desk, desktop and production support -- was sealed with the cooperation of several key business partners, according to Eric de Vos, Digital's director of operations management services.

"We have been successful because we have taken in a number of partners along the way," de Vos told ARN. "Computer Associates (CA) is providing the enterprise management tool, Unicenter TNG, which we're rolling out across the whole enterprise and we're also using Clarify's change management and help desk tool."

Digital was the incumbent provider for Optus' data centres and network management, but de Vos said Digital had not previously worked with CA or Clarify within the organisation.

"They're both tools that Digital's services division uses globally, but as part of the outsourcing contract we were supposed to bring a technology refresh to Optus and pick the best tools of choice to fit their environment."

According to de Vos, Digital has also engaged Ernst and Young to assist with due diligence and Legato to provide a management tool for Optus' data centres.

A strategy and solution architect within the Digital executive team managing the outsourcing agreement will evaluate all existing supplier agreements to ensure they are best-of-breed solutions, de Vos said.

But while the CA and Clarify tools are to replace existing systems at Optus, he expects most incumbent providers will be retained.

Nevertheless, de Vos hosed down suggestions that Optus is now a closed shop for other vendors.

"Previously, there were at least five other major suppliers across [the areas we are now responsible for. We're now effectively moving into a prime role where we will manage sub-contractors," de Vos said. "There's also a large potential for new business partners to get involved because as we move forward with the contract and see a need for particular solutions we may go to business partners to assist us."

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