Intel preps Xeon chips for high-end customers

Intel preps Xeon chips for high-end customers

Despite a flaw in the 450NX chipset, Intel went ahead with the launch of its new Pentium II Xeon processor yesterday.

General manager of Intel Australia, David Bolt, said a software fix had been released to OEMs and would delay the release of the chip by "a few weeks". The bug caused the machines to freeze and is most prevalent in servers that use four processors.

Targeted at the mid- to high-end of the workstation and server markets, the Xeon has garnered support from a variety of industry partners, including SCO, SAP, Novell, Sun, Oracle and Baan. The major vendors have already released machines with the chipset.

"Intel architecture is expanding both ways into the basic PC segment and right up to the high end," Bolt said.

"Systems based on Pentium II Xeon processors will deliver the performance and features of comparable proprietary systems but at nearly half the price," he said.

Bolt said that speed gain would particularly appeal to users in the engineering and CAD fields.

In one thousand unit quantities, The Pentium II Xeon processor 400MHx with 512KB L2 cache costs $US1124, and the 400MHz processor with 1MH L2 cache costs $US2836.


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