Asking the $69 question

Asking the $69 question

The launch of Windows 98 brought many new faces into retail computer outlets to see what all the fuss is about. And with so many new customers in-store it should be mission-critical for retailers to optimise revenue from their presence.

Enter Microsoft Plus! 98, the playmate Microsoft published as a complement to Windows 98 - it represents a good up-sell opportunity. It's packed with features some might have expected to be included with the package itself, but still represents a great opportunity to catch that extra sale. Try asking the simple question: "Did you see the Plus! 98 Companion?". It could be as successful as offering fries has been for a certain fast food chain.

Microsoft Plus! 98 has been designed to complement the new operating system. It introduces a bundle of new desktop themes, system utilities and games, as well as antivirus protection from McAfee. A new deluxe CD player adds the ability to use the extended functionality of Windows 98 to launch straight into Internet information about the tunes, performers or style of music being heard.

Desktop themes include cartoon favourites such as Garfield, Peanuts and Doonesbury, and a selection of Microsoft promos for in-store display. Utilities offered include setting file maintenance schedules and improved hard-disk space utilisation by using compressed folders to store files and run programs. A basic image conversion and manipulation program for digital photography is also included.

Many consumers will be ready to fork out the extra $69 it costs.

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