HP takes aim at service management

HP takes aim at service management

The market for network and systems management software should reach about $US14 billion this year, according to Business Research Group in the US. Fighting to lead this market are Computer Associates International and IBM's management software arm, Tivoli Systems. Where is Hewlett-Packard in this battle? Olivier Helleboid, general manager of HP's OpenView management software division, explained HP's strategy to IDG senior editor, Patrick Dryden, at the OpenView Forum International '98 user conference in the US.

IDG: The name OpenView still signifies network management software to most IS managers. Are you building on OpenView Network Node Manager's reputation as the leading network management console, or emphasising other OpenView products?

Hellebold: We're still reinforcing Network Node Manager's strength, adding event correlation, a data warehouse and service-level reporting. But it delivers less than 25 per cent of management software revenue and focuses only on solving network problems. When IS wants to manage everything from end to end through one console, it buys IT/Operations integrated systems and network management with PerfView and MeasureWare (performance monitors).

Are you pushing Network Node Manager users to deal with broader service-level management issues?

Yes. This conference doesn't just talk about products, but addresses changing roles in the IS organisation - how to connect to the business needs. That's the value we want to give our customers. Many sessions here cover the next release of Network Node Manager. My role is to project where we're going overall with the entire OpenView product line.

So are you trying to differentiate HP from CA and Tivoli by emphasising service management?

Yes. We're taking a top-down approach to drive service management through OpenView options in a step-by-step basis.

We are previewing a new capability here for IT/Operations, tentatively called Service Navigation View, which provides an abstract representation of management data per business services. We're not just describing the future, but managing service now.

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