Esker backs Web despite thin-client disappointment

Esker backs Web despite thin-client disappointment


The so far disappointing uptake of thin-client technology has not discouraged Esker from its goal of establishing itself as a leader in the Web-to-host integration market.

In fact, with last month's merger with US competitor Teubner, Esker has upped the ante, according to the company's founder and chairman, Benoit Borrits who visited Australia earlier this month.

The company's EskerPlus software package enables developers, VARs and system integrators to tack browser front ends onto legacy applications, without having to modify existing code. Where EskerPlus is a two-tier architecture best suited to intranets, Teubner's Corridor product is a three-tier tool, best suited to deploying host-based applications on the Internet.

According to IDC, the merging of these two products gives the companies "an opportunity to leapfrog the competition".

The Web-to-host connectivity market was seen as a potential gold mine, with thin-client installations requiring browser front ends to legacy, host-based applications. However, with thin clients disappointing, IDC has recently cut back its forecast on the value of the market next year; from $US100 million to $24 million.

Borrits, however, still believes that the total cost of ownership benefits of thin-client computing will see that style of computing ramp up over the next few years. He does however admit that "we do not know how the move to thin clients will happen," and because of that Esker is not religious about any particular approach. It is backing Active X and Java, as well as the Windows Terminal server.

In June, Esker boosted its channel presence, signing MUA as a distributor for Australia, handling Esker Plus as well as its mainstay, the Tun Plus connectivity suite.

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