Channel marketing blitz from Inprise

Channel marketing blitz from Inprise

After admitting to somewhat neglecting its channel in recent years, Inprise is switching its marketing coordinates to pinpoint opportunities for resellers of its Borland-branded software development tools.

The company has embarked upon a national marketing splurge, named the Increased Reseller Presence and Channel Campaign.

Marketing consultants assessed, recommended and implemented an awareness campaign and enhanced store presence, which Inprise is timing to coincide with the July 14 release of Delphi 4, the latest upgrade of its top-selling development suite.

With a claimed 20,000 active developers using retail Borland products in universities, government and small-to-medium business environments, Ray Bradbery, managing director of Inprise's Australian operations, said the campaign is in response to a cry for support from its channel and customers.

"We want to reassure the channel that we are not abandoning resellers to focus on the enterprise area," said Bradbery.

"We are bolstering our support for the channel to make sure the latest products are available to dealers and easily recognisable by our users."

Initially aimed at optimising sales of Borland products such as Delphi, C++ Builder, Jbuilder, Visual dBASE and Turbo Pascal, the retail marketing program includes new staff, a range of in-store marketing paraphernalia, national advertising, and training seminars.

New channel representatives will be on the beat nationwide to generate demand and support in-store requirements while shelf-markers, posters, fact sheets and special bundles will help convert interest and attract the impulse buyer.

"This isn't a dabble in the water as far as marketing is concerned," said Bradbery. "We already know there is a large and expanding number of users out there and there is little debate that our products are setting the standard in application development tools.

"We understand how crucial the channel is and are emphasising this with a significant marketing investment."

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