Remote access for all

Remote access for all

Just because resellers aren't networking gurus, shouldn't mean they're precluded from selling communications solutions, Compaq officials argued last week at the company's launch of new remote access equipment.

The computer giant put its hand up and has volunteered to drive Windows NT-based networking. Its new remote access servers are slightly modified Presario PC Servers with integrated modems or ISDN cards and are preloaded with NT.

All the remote access and routing code needed to turn the servers into remote access devices comes bundled with Windows NT 4.0, through RAS and RRAS.

Easy to deploy

Acccording to Forrest Danson, vice president and general manager of the Access Solutions division, these types of solutions are far easier to deploy and administer because it's still basically Windows NT.

"We see networking moving into the open systems arena rather than the proprietary solutions you've seen in the past," said Danson. Of course, by open systems, Compaq means Microsoft-based.

This shift will open up the remote access market to a much broader range of resellers and integrators, said Ian Harvey, Compaq's local business unit manager for communications products.

Never ones to let modesty get in the way, Compaq officials claimed the combined presence of Microsoft and Compaq in this market would double IDC's projected growth figures of the NT-based remote access server market.

While dedicated remote access solutions have time and time again come out on top in lab results, Danson claimed that this would change as remote access software from Microsoft and its third party ISVs improved.

"We're developing and partnering on software functionality for this market," he said.

Right now, Compaq's remote access servers will come bundled with management software including Compaq Carbon Copy, a remote control package and Insight Manager.

The servers will be available in September.


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