The Taxman delivers opportunity

The Taxman delivers opportunity

It's that time of the year again. Dealing with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is one of those chores everybody hates -- except accountants. It may only come around once a year but it does offer a small window of opportunity for retailers.

For just about every tax paying punter out there, there is a decision at this time of year about whether to pay a fee to a registered bean-counter or take the task on themselves. Of those choosing the latter, more and more are shopping around for an electronic aid such as QuickTax from Reckon Intuit Australia to make the whole burden seem lighter.

Greg Wilkinson, the QuickTax publisher from developer and distributor Reckon Intuit Australia, told ARN last week that the popularity for this product increases exponentially each year as access to computers is increased in Australian homes.

He said the product has traditionally been a strong seller from July 1 through to about early December with hot spots in the first six to eight weeks after the end of financial year and a month after the October deadline. Understandably, very little business is done at other times of the year.

So far this year, Wilkinson claims demand has gone through the roof.

"Initial demand from retailers this year has been so strong that a reprint was required just three days into the new financial year," said Wilkinson.

QuickTax is priced at $49.95 RRP and there is no restriction to the number of returns that can be filed from each copy. Users of the system will also have to pay a $25 lodgement fee for each return filed to the ATO in this manner but the costs incurred from filing a tax return through QuickTax is still considerably less than what you would expect to pay a decent accountant.

Reckon Intuit Australia

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