NT Wins, Unix is dead - Kiwi users

NT Wins, Unix is dead - Kiwi users

"Non-Microsoft PC operating systems ... are finished in the corporate world."

With statements like this one, the latest Dataquest survey of usage patterns in the New Zealand IT environment is sure to stir up a hornet's nest.

The survey, completed in March of this year, was sent out to 1200 New Zealand IT managers and had a response rate above 12 per cent. The survey asked managers to report on "current and future usage of brands, technology and architectures".

The question relating to PC operating systems asked managers to state current usage levels, and to also estimate usage levels for next year and for 2003. Microsoft's Windows NT, not surprisingly, is the big winner, dominating by 2003 with nearly 50 per cent of the market. Apple Computer's Macintosh OS scores slightly over 2 per cent, while Unix manages only 1 percent and IBM's OS/2 vanishes entirely. Currently, Microsoft's Windows 95 has just under 70 per cent of the market, with Windows running on MS-DOS second and Windows NT third.

Hardware numbers were also asked for, and the big winner in the currently installed PC hardware category was Compaq Computer, closely followed by Digital. Together they make up nearly 30 per cent of installed PCs. IBM is third, with 11 per cent and local New Zealand company PC Direct has 9 per cent. Hewlett-Packard has scored the number one slot in the past quarter for business PCs, according to International Data Corporation (IDC) Research, but lists with only 3 per cent here.

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