Dataflow launches World Book Speech

Dataflow launches World Book Speech

At a gala function in Sydney on Wednesday night, software and peripherals distributor Dataflow Computer Services introduced World Book 1998 Deluxe Speech Edition, a version of the popular digital encyclopedia IBM World Book 1998. Incorporating IBM's ViaVoice Gold speech recognition software, the product allows users to control by voice all the multimedia information it stores.

Even though it arrives during the second half of the year, there are plenty of reasons why this product will attract buyers until it is superseded. The fact it includes a full version of the ViaVoice software, which can be used with other applications once World Book Speech is open, is a good starter seeing as buying it as a stand alone would cost more than getting it with the encyclopedia.

There is also a free upgrade to the 1999 version when it becomes next March while an array of in-store marketing paraphernalia is also available.

During the launch Dataflow's managing director, Jeffrey Tobias, told ARN Daily there would be several more promotions happening in the lead up to Christmas all designed to help retailers maximise sales of products they distribute.

"There is always a spike for certain types of 'gift' software for children towards the end of the year and we distribute many of those products," said Tobias, who was confident the phenomenon would only get bigger this year as computers penetrate deeper into the home market.

World Book 1998 Deluxe Speech Edition carries a recommended retail price of $189.95, which includes free access to select World Book online resources for 12 months.

As a bonus offer to also keep the non-Speech version of World Book software moving, Dataflow have introduced a $50 cash-back offer to all who buy it before the end of the year.

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