AMD readies next-generation K7 chip

AMD readies next-generation K7 chip

-- In an effort to provide Taiwan's PC hardware industry with early access to technical information about its next-generation K7 processor, Advanced Micro Devices last week inaugurated a new facility dedicated to engineering support.

Winning the backing of Taiwan's chip set and motherboard makers will be crucial to ensure the success of the K7, which is scheduled for introduction in next year's first half, said Richard Heye, AMD's vice president and general manager of the company's Texas microprocessor division.

The K7 promises to give PC buyers a new high-performance alternative to Intel's market leading processor offerings. K7 systems, however, are likely to be cheaper due to AMD's tradition of pricing its chips 25 per cent lower than comparative Intel offerings.

Due to the high costs of developing the initial chip-set designs for the K7, which will use a new processor interface dubbed Slot A, AMD will introduce an in-house developed, fully functional chip set when the processor is launched, but will make the technology available free to third-party vendors, Heye said.

The K7 will run at clock speeds of 500MHz and 550MHz when it is introduced sometime in next year's second quarter, according to AMD's roadmap.

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