Citrix model a danger to resellers

Citrix model a danger to resellers


Resellers are in danger of seeing software sales snatched away by telcos and Internet service providers, if the vision of Citrix founder and president Edward Iacobucci becomes reality.

No one could accuse Iacobucci of thinking small. Whereas its present success has been based on enabling corporate and government users to lower their total cost of ownership, Iacobucci sees the Citrix thin-client model extending way beyond that.

Be it to a PC, NC, palmtop, mobile phone, set-top box, television or even a poker machine, Iacobucci foresees a Citrix client.

By taking complexity away so that the application actually runs back on a centralised server and not on the device, finally the dream of the "information appliance" is realised, he said.

These devices will be able to remotely run any application running on any host over any network, including the Internet and wireless infrastructures. The opportunity will then exist for software to be "appsourced" - rented from a software provider, and Citrix is working on the technology to enable this. According to Iacobucci, companies in the best position to benefit from this model are telcos and ISPs, although he said it was far from clear how this method of distributing software would play

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