Lands Of Lore: Guardians Of Destiny

Lands Of Lore: Guardians Of Destiny

Westwood Studios, the creators of the successful games Lands Of Lore and Eye Of The Beholder comes Lands Of Lore: Guardians Of Destiny.

Upon entering Lands Of Lore, gamers are thrust into the role of Luther - a character who has the power to transform himself into the figure of beast, man and somewhere in between. As Luther, gamers set upon a mission to rid Luther of these powers of transformation and find themselves on a journey through a dangerous yet mystical fantasy world.

Players can enjoy the freedom of 360 degree movement combined with the ability to look up and down, full screen full motion cinematic sequences, enhanced Al logic, four hours of video footage, dynamic lightning and 20 different locations.

Platform: Windows 95

Genre: Adventure

Price: $89.95 RRP

Virgin Interactive

Tel (02) 9417 1322 Fax (02) 9417 1388

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