Just the fax, ma'am

Just the fax, ma'am

It seems that some people just can't keep a secret. Last week, a press release proclaiming that Optus Communications had chosen Microsoft Exchange Server as its standard enterprise-wide messaging platform popped out of the ARN fax machine, prompting one of our diligent news-hounds to check it out.

But a simple call to Optus to shed some more light on the 8000-client deal met with an interesting, nay surprising, response from an Optus spokesperson.

The following is an actual transcript of the conversation between ARN's wallfly and the Optus spokesperson:

Wounded Vulture: I'm looking for more details on the Exchange Server rollout at Optus. Can you be of assistance?

Optus spokesperson: Which publication are you from?

Wounded Vulture: Australian Reseller News.

Optus: And where did you get the press release?

Wounded Vulture: We received a fax from Microsoft.

Optus: OK. Can I call you back?

Wounded Vulture: Oh, OK.

Optus: [click]

Needless to say, the Optus spokesperson probably had a word or two to certain Microsoft officials with regard to leaking what was apparently confidential information to the media without approval.

Shame Microsoft, shame.

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