Cash Converters dial up technology sales

Cash Converters dial up technology sales


A new deal between phone network service provider Vodafone and Cash Converters is set to be the start of a new technology and communications "store within a store" concept for Australia's largest retailer of second-hand goods.

Cash Converters' managing director, Peter Cumins, told ARN that the sale of software, phone connection plans, Internet services, peripherals, fax machines and the like are a natural progression from the second-hand phones and computers it has been selling for several years.

He said that currently an average of about three computers are sold per week at each of the 154 Cash Converters outlets around the country which generate total foot traffic in excess of 100,000 customers per week.

While Cumins doesn't envisage his sites becoming new computer superstores, he does have plans to develop a range offering synergy with Cash Converters' core business which will remain in buying and selling second hand products.

"What we are trying to do is build a product and service range that complements the second-hand computers and communications products we are already selling," said Cumins.

"We are working on the theory that if a customer comes into buy a used computer, why not also sell him some software to run on it, some peripherals that will improve it and maybe even an Internet connection as well.

"We are definitely looking at ways to make our extensive network available to other distributors of product that complements our core business," Cumins added.

The deal with Vodafone will see Cash Converters initially selling connection plans, new phones, accessories and prepaid smart cards - just about everything you'll find in any mobile phone shop. Customers will not only be able to connect up the second-hand and new phones they buy at Cash Converters, but they will also be able to trade anything in on a new or used phone.

Aiming directly at the young, budget conscious market, Cash Converters will be offering two of Vodafone's Fast Fone product and connection packs.

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