RPK updates Encryptonite

RPK updates Encryptonite

The latest iteration of RPK's Encryptonite software toolkit promises developers more platforms to create applications with embedded fast public key encryption.

Version 3 of the Encryptonite toolkit from RPK, which was started by NZ-based Bill Raike, includes C++ implementations and a Delphi VCL component.

The toolkit includes C++ class libraries with full source code for use with Win 95, 98, NT and Linux, and Delphi compatibility for NT and Win 95. Solaris and HP-UX ports and a Java implementation are scheduled for the end of the month.

RPK claims Version 3.0 of Encryptonite offers a 40 per cent improvement in encryption engine initialisation, and thus better application response time over version 2.1, and features 80 levels of encryption security.

Because RPK product development is based in New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK, it is not subject to US security technology export laws.

RPK's Encryptonite software toolkit costs from $US695 per developer and the company can be reached via the Web at (

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