Borland's Internet strategy

Borland's Internet strategy

Emphasising its role as a develop-ment tools company, a new Borland announced the first components of Latte, a native Java development tools suite for the creation of Internet and intranet applications.

Citing the need for rapid deployment of application building tools based on Java, Paul Gross, senior vice-president of research and development for Borland, said, "There is an immediate need and exploding demand for tools that make Internet and World Wide Web-based application development easier."

Borland will leverage its Windows development tools experience to bring the same expertise to rich Internet applications development.

In the first and current phase, Borland is integrating HTML, Java and other Internet-related features into its various tools. These tools include Borland C++, Delphi, Visual dBase and Paradox.

Beginning with a planned shipment of Borland C++ 5.0 later this quarter, the company says the first phase also includes Visual dBase Internet tools. The new tools, expected this spring, present information from local and server-hosted databases in HTML.

Borland C++ 5.0 includes a just-in-time compiler, a graphical program debugger and an integrated version of Sun's development environment. Borland says the graphical debugger is the only one written in the Java language.

A prerelease version of the Borland GUI Debugger for Java should be available from Borland's Web site, this month.

In the next phase, Borland says it will introduce InterBase InterClient, Java-based connectivity software for InterBase. It will contain client and server components and eliminate the complexity of remote database access for Java developers.

In the final plans of its strategy, Borland plans to provide a product codenamed Nexus. Nexus will migrate intranet developer to a three-tier environ- ment which takes advantage of cross-platform and emerging protocol standards. It will feature simple clients, low-maintenance client configuration, centralised business rules, and validation and ease of database connectivity.

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