Playing with dirt and crayons: Micrografx in 1996

Playing with dirt and crayons: Micrografx in 1996

Micrografx Australia has kicked off the new year by announcing the release of Crayola Art Studio 2, the second generation of its Crayola line of children's creativity software products.

A CD-ROM-based product, Art Studio 2 represents Micrografx's first venture into developing for the Macintosh platform, with the single CD-ROM containing versions for Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and the Macintosh environments.

Micrografx expects the release of Art Studio 2 - RRP $69 - to be just as successful in the home market as its Hallmark Card Studio package, which was released in October last year. According to a company spokesperson, it is estimated that well over 2,000 copies of Card Studio were sold in Australia during the lead up to Christmas. "Considering the relatively small period of time between the product's release and Christmas," he said, "that figure shows an excellent rate of product sales."

According to Felicity St. John, Micrografx Australia's managing director, the company's second quarter - October to December - saw an increase in profit of 100 per cent and a 20 per cent growth in sales over the same period during the previous year. When Australian Reseller News asked St. John whether these figures were based on worldwide or local figures, she admitted that they were worldwide, and that the local operations had not experienced similar growth.

Aggressive marketing

"We intend to be much more aggressive this year in marketing our products," said St. John. "Although we do not intend to play dirty!"

One of the company's primary marketing strategies for 1996 will be the introduction of its Platinum Licensing Plan. This is a worldwide extended volume licensing maintenance support plan, intended to benefit managers and corporate resellers by making software licensing less expensive, streamlining the ordering process, and providing an upgrade program that is more favourable to the user.

Micrografx Australia's corporate programs manager, Nilanga Wijesekera, told ARN that for resellers, the biggest benefit of the plan will be that all of the company's corporate products will be available in a licence-only format. "The Platinum Licensing Plan will enable resellers to satisfy their customers' demands for licence-only packages," he said.

Micrografx intends to have the plan in operation this month.

Micrografx Australia

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