Web tools broaden Adobe line-up

Web tools broaden Adobe line-up

Taking full advantage of the Internet is the focus of two new Adobe products for Web-page authoring and Web-site management. They are PageMill, estimated to sell for $195, and SiteMill, estimated to sell for $895.

According to Adobe, PageMill offers authoring software to create, edit and update Web pages while protecting users from the complexities of HTML by using a drag and drop functionality. SiteMill has the same functionality as PageMill, in addition to allowing users to manage and maintain links over a whole Web site. Macintosh versions of the products will be available this month, and Windows versions are expected to follow within the next few months.

As part of efforts to counter criticism for its level of technical support, Adobe plans to offer a database of common technical queries on its Web site. David Pratt, Adobe vice-president and chief operating officer, said Adobe is also seeking to improve the commonality and integration between its rising stock of products acquired from other vendors. "One of our aims is to integrate our products better," Pratt said, adding that this would partially ease the cause of some support problems.

Additionally, Pratt acknowledges that the HTML Plug In for PageMaker products released by the company has not worked as it was intended. However, he said a replacement will be released later this year.


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