Hewlett-Packard '3-platter' 2Gb drives

Hewlett-Packard '3-platter' 2Gb drives

Hewlett-Packard has announced two new ATA disk drives, including a product billed as the first 2Gb drive to be built from only three platters.

Although HP has been producing hard disk drives for 25 years, the company first started to move into the PC market last year with the first hard drives in its new SureStore multi-product line-up, said Bob Tillman, general manager of HP's Disk Memory Division.

HP's SureStore disk drives are aimed at the VAR market, a long-time HP stronghold, with the anticipation that VARs will resell some of the drives on a retail basis, according to Tillman.

HP's SureStore drives, he asserted, are also "strongly focused around ease of use", featuring SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), a three-year limited warranty backed by HP's 24-hour Express Exchange policy, and in some instances, a warranty upgrade providing on-site support if the drives are integrated with or added to HP systems.

Eric Larson, marketing manager for the division, said that HP's new three-platter, 2Gb drive is aimed in part at the desktop replacement market.

Larson added that results of surveys by HP show that about half of the drives are being purchased for the "home or home office market", a major target for HP with SureStore. "Our experience with the 1Gb and 1.6Gb products has been very good," he maintained. "The statistics we're getting back are quite pleasing." HP introduced the 1Gb SureStore 1080A and 1.6Gb SureStore 1600A drives last spring.

The new 2Gb SureStore 2000A and two- platter, 1.3Gb HP SureStore 1300A drive each provide seek times of 12 milliseconds, rotational speeds of 4,500rpm, and embedded servos, plus an Enhanced IDE interface offering a data transfer rate of up to 16.6 megabytes per second.

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