HP strives for more OpenView channel sales

HP strives for more OpenView channel sales

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is ramping up the channel's role in its medium-to-large enterprise accounts in a bid to double the revenue of the company's flagship OpenView product.

"In conjunction with our partners, we are actively migrating business that has been direct to the channel," Paul Muller, HP's OpenView channel development manager, told ARN. "Our strategy is to introduce the partner to our customer who has been direct and providing the two parties ‘hit it off', we will then guide that business through the partner.

"From an OpenView perspective, we see that model as offering the best growth potential."

Muller claims the OpenView product is currently growing at 60 per cent year-on-year, but the company's aim is to instead achieve between 100 and 120 per cent growth.

HP's tactic to offload a larger share of its business to the channel is designed to provide the resources to support that objective.

According to Muller, as much as 70 per cent of HP's NT-based OpenView products already go through the channel but the plan is to increase that to around 90 per cent "very quickly".

But on the Unix side, where channel sales currently sit at approximately 30 per cent, progress may be slower.

"Those customers like to have us involved because they want to be able to deal with someone big enough to sue if things go wrong."

Beate Bentzen, HP's general manager of software sales and marketing for HP Asia-Pacific, said the OpenView strategy is indicative of the worldwide commitment of the company's software division to being "100 per cent channel-driven".

Bentzen claims embedded methods for avoiding conflict between the company's direct sales force and channel partners are the key to ensuring the best solutions are delivered to customers.

"When HP decided to have software as a separate business last year, our CEO Lew Platt made it clear we were not going to have it as a marginal business," Bentzen said. "We are driving at having software as 10 per cent of HP's revenues and when you consider the size and growth rate of HP, that will make us one of the biggest software companies in the world."

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