Bobby tunes into wine, song

Bobby tunes into wine, song

To escape for the evening, I decided to take Rose out for an evening of romance and music. After an exquisite dinner at 2223 in San Francisco, we headed to Slim's for the concert - a co-worker gave me tickets to the sold-out Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright show. But the mood was ruined when I overheard someone near me mention that Wainwright was the "next big thing".

Maybe I'm just jaded, but that phrase annoys me. I tend to dislike any contrived marketing terms and slogans.

I'm expecting to hear a lot of marketing-speak in November, when a source tells me that Microsoft will formally release SQL Server 7.0, just in time for Comdex.

Of course, the company's current big marketing push is, "Where do you want to go today?" and lately it's been answering its own question for Hotmail users. When users log out after checking their freemail accounts, they are automatically transported to a Microsoft Internet Start Page.

Still, another source reports that Microsoft's WebTV will soon face competition from Sony - which also achieved great success breaking into the computer games market - so maybe Microsoft is right to start playing up its Internet hand.

If you want to send faxes from Windows 98, you might be out of luck. Users upgrading from Windows 95 are reporting their Windows 95 Fax program no longer works. Microsoft has yet to get its facts straight about this fax trait, which could explain why the number two document in its support area for Windows 98 is "How to Uninstall Windows 98".

One of the ever-present "next big things" in the multimedia industry is the Macromedia Director-killer. It used to be mTropolis, which was bought by Quark and later discontinued. Recently, however, there have been rumblings that Microsoft was eyeing its own answer to Macromedia's high-end authoring tool.

After the concert, Rose and I walked back to the car, having enjoyed our night of wine and song. I don't understand the people who seemed to be at the show just because Sean and Rufus had famous musical parents. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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