Making a splash!

Making a splash!

Hardly a day goes by when I don't find an interesting new piece of software. Most likely it's not a shrink-wrapped product, but something I download off the Net. Sometimes I stumble across it, sometimes I deliberately do a Web search and sometimes a friendly colleague or reader sends it to me.

They range from the laughably naive to the absolute best you could imagine. Often, when I track down the authors, they say they only sell by shareware or over the Web because they don't know any other way to do it. And yet, many of these packages are perfect for the channel, not so much because distributors need more products, but because they would fill an obvious need with resellers.

One such product is DataArmour. It's a New Zealand-written backup program. Not only does it automate the backup routine, but it will do the backup over a network or even over the Internet if you like. Other devices it works with include Zip and LS-120 drives. There must be lots of resellers who have needed a package like this, but it's the first I've seen. A single licence costs $US35 and there are five-, 10- and 25-user licence packs (the latter is $US699).

The other interesting product I've been playing with is Splash! from Beam International, Australia's largest multimedia software developer. Splash! is a Web page designer, especially suited to developing personal web sites. Not only does it produce very professional Web pages without exposing the user to any HTML, it even automates the task of uploading all necessary files to the web host. RRP is $70.

These two excellent packages can be seen on their respective Web sites: ( and (

The good news for people who want to use either of these packages is that they're only a megabyte or two in size. That means they can be downloaded from the Web in a few minutes, and paid for just as quickly. That's also bad news for resellers. However, DataArmour's Neil Clayton told me he was interested in finding an Australian distributor. Beam, likewise, has a reseller registration form on the Splash! web page.

Have you found any good web-based programs that deserve wider exposure to Australian resellers, or perhaps even to distributors?

E-mail me ( and I'll pass them along to the rest of the ARN readers. Perhaps it's even something you've developed yourself.

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