Visual Cafe serves enterprise Java

Visual Cafe serves enterprise Java

My first look at the alpha version of Symantec's forthcoming Visual Cafe for Java Enterprise Suite was encouraging. Developers who need viable tools to create and debug distributed Java applications in large IT settings will find this newest Visual Cafe right on the money. Although it is early in the product life cycle, Visual Cafe for Java Enterprise Suite (VCJES) definitely bears watching as it moves toward its fourth-quarter release date.

Those who are creating distributed Java applications will find VCJES particularly intriguing compared to rivals, such as JBuilder from Inprise. Symantec has come up with a unique technology called Single View. As the name suggests, this feature masks the complexities of distributed application development by presenting all of the distributed components within a single VCJES view.

But far and away my favourite VCJES feature is the addition of support for remote distributed debugging, which also puts the product ahead of rival offerings. Although other Java development tools offer distributed or remote debugging, it is usually limited to a single operating system.

I was also impressed with a debugging session that showed a distributed Java application that spanned both Windows and Linux platforms.

VCJES is capable of locating the Java virtual machine (JVM) on remote platforms and carrying out debugging sessions in short order. It also allows developers to select the version of the JVM they are most comfortable with.

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