HP updates midrange server line-up

HP updates midrange server line-up

Hewlett-Packard has announced new high-performance and mid-range HP 3000 servers and a new release of the HP MPE/iX 6.0 operating system that they run on.

There are three new HP 3000 server models, which are geared toward specific industries including mail order, health care, airlines and credit unions, as well as current customers who are upgrading:

The HP 3000 997 series server offers six- or eight-way multiprocessing for a performance improvement of up to 63 per cent over HP 3000 995 and 996 servers. Pricing for the 997 series starts at $397,480, excluding sales tax;The HP 3000 989KS midrange server offers one-, two-, four- and six-way multiprocessing using PA-8200 processors. Pricing for the 989KS range starts at $155,710, excluding tax;The HP 3000 929KS/020 is a midrange start-ing point server designed to make the 9x9KS family more affordable. It is priced from $41,580, excluding tax.

The servers will be available in Australia by the end of the month.

Todd Sullivan, general manager of Centari Systems, believes the loyal HP 3000 customer base will be grateful for the new models.

"The customers using them are very loyal and the news that HP is continuing on with the line and adding to it will be well-received," Sullivan said. "The key thing that the announcement communicates is that HP is going to continue to support the HP 3000 range and be behind it, whereas previously there were mixed messages about its future."

According to John Knaggs, HP's product marketing manager, the company has committed to upgrade the HP 3000s to the IA-64 architecture.

"We have taken them from the CISC architecture to the RISC architecture in 1986 and now, after 12 years, our next step will be to take the HP 3000s to IA-64," he told ARN.

Meanwhile, the new release of the HP MPE/iX 6.0, HP's proprietary operating system for its PA-RISC architecture, is designed to cleanly interoperate with other operating systems including Windows 95 and Windows NT, Macintosh, HP-UX and NetWare. Sullivan also commended HP's decision to update the operating system.

"The majority of our customers have mixed environments so any additional extensions will make interoperability that much better which is certainly something customers are all for."

The updated operating release will also include support for the Java programming language and Samba/iX NT interconnection tools and is slated to be available in October.

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