Rose goes underground to prove she's a better tipster than Bobby

Rose goes underground to prove she's a better tipster than Bobby

I lost a bet last week. Rose had been asking what, exactly, I do for a living, and when I said my job is to tell people what is really going on in the IT world, she bet me a Long Island iced tea that she could get a better tip than I could.

She started her hunt in a cigar bar in San Mateo and immediately struck gold when she met a couple of guys who were celebrating their departure from Intel.

It seems they had both already landed better jobs elsewhere, and were about to quit, when Intel introduced a policy offering eight months pay for anyone prepared to resign.

The policy was designed to cut back on some of Intel's dead wood, but it has backfired: all the good employees are desperate to find new jobs and cash in, and all the bad employees are staying put in the knowledge that they don't stand a chance of getting another job.

New neighbours

Apparently, Oracle's Barry Ariko has quit after being demoted from VP of sales to VP of Caribbean and Latin American sales. Maybe he realised it was only a matter of time before he was demoted again to VP of sales for the island of Molokai.

Rose drove with her new chums to Mountain View, where the Intelites wanted to help the Microsofties celebrate their plan for a 32-acre campus. (Of course, they were the only ones celebrating - everyone else was crying "there goes the neighbourhood".)Because Bill Gates was busy trying to prove to Ralph Nader (and the world at large) that he is a Nice Guy and a philanthropist, Microsoft instead sent Steve Ballmer to turn the first sod.

As for Rose, she thoroughly enjoyed trolling for rumours. In fact, if I promise a Long Island iced tea for every tip she finds, she says she'll do it full time for me.

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